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In addition to a title’s branded app, each title is also distributed via the Pocketmags website and Pocketmags newsstand apps. Pocketmags is MagazineCloner’s consumer-facing brand and by signing up for an account in-app or online users can read their purchases across all compatible platforms and benefit from special offers. Opted-in user data is also available on the back office for publishers to add to their mailing lists.

Pocketmags products allow the instant distribution of uploaded titles before their branded app goes live and also allows titles which do not, or cannot, have their own apps to go onto all platforms which a Pocketmags Newsstand app is available.

MagazineCloner have also been working closely with some of the world’s largest distributors to enable native support for overseas publishers but also to enable our publishers’ titles’ distribution through existing regional consumer-facing brands.

Watch out for upcoming announcements regarding the revamp of the sites in our affiliate network.